Pyware Drill Examples

Animated Pyware Drill Examples with Music

Scroll down to see several examples varying in difficulty and band size.
Note: The guard choreography and horn line visuals in the videos below are basic and limited by the Pyware software.

Learn more about custom drill design, horn line visual design and color guard choreography.

El Diamante Pt. 2 – 1st Place
(72 Winds 19 Guard)

Because of use restrictions, many of these videos do not include music.

If you are a director and need to see more examples with music, email me at

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El Diamante Pt. 2 – 1st Place
(72 Winds 19 Guard)
UFO Show Opener
(78 Winds 25 Guard)
Sonoran Desert Holiday Closer
(80 Winds 16 Guard)
RHS Opener
(80 Winds 17 Guard)
NHS Opener
(98 Winds 30 Guard)
El Diamante Opener
(72 Winds 20 Guard)
Metal Show by John Fannin
RHHS Opener
(68 Winds 18 Guard)
Oconee Co Closer
(72 Winds 14 Guard)
Kearney Catholic Opener
(62 Winds 8 Guard)
ATU Closer
(129 Winds 25 Guard)
Rio Hondo Opener
(68 Winds 18 Guard)
Trinity Christian Academy Opener
(22 Winds 7 Guard)
Cathedral City Opener
(103 Winds 26 Guard)
McClintock Opening
(39 Winds 11 Guard)
McClintock Pt. 2
(39 Winds 11 Guard)
ATU Pt. 2
(129 Winds 25 Guard)
Spotswood HS Opener
(38 Winds 9 Guard)
Harmony HS Opener
(22 Winds 8 Guard)
OCHS Closer
(72 Winds 14 Guard)
RHS Percussion Feature
(98 Winds 28 Guard)