DVD and Pose Book

DVD and Pose Book for Horn Line Visuals

A FAST, effective and affordable solution
for creating Custom Horn Line Visuals for your band!

Use these 2 great resources by Richard Lopez to design the Horn Line Visuals for your Show!

ONLY $129 for both! Free Shipping!


Purchase Book separately – $55


  • This book is a quick reference guide to a variety of static poses that can be used by your horn line.
  • Included are the easier “Balanced Poses” as well as gradually more challenging layered and off balanced poses.
  • Posebook for Marching Bands is the perfect supplement to the Horn Line Visual Baisics Video.

Purchase DVD separately – $85


  • A step by step demonstration of visual fundamentals used to develop body control. Various lower and upper body movements are shown that can be achieved by students of all levels.
  • The fundamentals are also combined into a full warmup that can be used to improve your bands visual technique.
  • Each Segment can also be broken down independently and used as a visual for your show.
These 2 resources allow the band director to easily put together the visuals for any show and build a successful Horn Line Visual program without hiring a visual designer. Many of my drill design clients have used these resources with great success!

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