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Horn Line Visuals

Custom Marching Band Horn Line Body Visuals

marching band horn line performingHorn line visuals are a great way to add depth to your drill and raise your GE/Visuals scores.

To be successful in today’s marching arts, you need a complete drill design and visual package that gives your band the edge in the Visual and GE captions over the competition. Add custom horn line body visuals to complete your full show design package! This will be a great addition to your marching band show.

Horn Line Marching Band Visuals From RMS

With RMS Visual Designs horn line visuals service, you can count on the following:
  • Teachable choreography written at your band’s difficulty level
  • Detailed verbal instructions with movements clearly shown by the models
  • High quality DVD or video file with counts and measure numbers displayed
  • Affordable pricing starting at $600
  • Visuals that are carefully coordinated with the drill and music

Professionally designed custom horn line body visuals can be added to your custom drill design package. The custom horn line visuals will be designed by Richard Lopez. Richard has designed custom horn line visuals for several of Robert’s customers since 2012. Robert highly recommends his service as being very high quality, on-time and professional.

Horn Line Body Visuals By Richard Lopez

Since 1978, Richard Lopez has been an instructor and visual designer for many bands and color guards. Richard has designed shows for numerous indoor color guard state champions, Texas state marching finalists and WGI regional champions. He has also designed programs for state solo and ensemble color guard champions. He was the education director for the Texas Educational Color Guard Circuit and has been the President of the circuit for six years. He is an active member of the Texas Music Educators Association and the Texas Bandmasters Association.

For more information on the horn line visuals we can provide, contact RMS Visual Designs today. For a price quote fill out our online form and get in contact with Robert Strunks today.

The Importance Of Custom Horn Line Visuals

Robert and Richard will provide your band with teachable choreography written specifically for your band’s size and difficulty level. Horn line visuals, when properly written, add another element to your shows visual design. A movement that is precisely executed will add depth to your show and give you the edge at competitions. With Richard’s clean and teachable horn line visuals, you will be able to take your band to the next level.

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