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Performer’s Academy: Pose Book For Marching Bands Vol. 2


  • This book is a quick reference guide to a variety of intermediate group poses that can be broken down individually to be used as horn line visuals in your field show.
  • Pose book II is the perfect supplement to the “Pose book for Marching Bands” and the “Horn Line Visual Basics DVD”.
  • All material Included in Pose Book 2 is totally NEW and there is no overlap with the first Book. Intended to be used as a continuation and expansion of “Pose Book for Marching Bands.”
  • Included are single off-center poses as well as layered poses for duets-quintet layers. Both playing and non-playing poses are included with a variety of pose options. Every pose can be used individually and combined with other poses.
  • DVD INCLUDED! showing clear transitions into and out of each visual.