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Small and Young Band Information

Small and Young Bands Drill Design

Writing marching band drill for small bands is one of my specialties! With nearly 30 years of design experience and 10 years as a band director, I know exactly what it takes to set your program up for success. I have worked with hundreds of small and young bands and small advanced groups from across the country. Many unique issues can come into play with smaller and younger bands and these must be managed by your drill designer. Experience is the key!I know how to design a visually exciting marching band drill while keeping the difficulty in check.

“As a director of a small band, I appreciate the attention Robert gives to our band’s special needs. His ability to operate within our time-frame and his willingness to accommodate the problems inherent in small groups is why he gets our business.”

Rob Hartman Anson High School Band (56 Marching) Consistently Rated “Superior” Consistent 2A UIL state qualifier

Custom Marching Shows For Small Bands

If you have a young band that is just beginning to march or a small advanced group that needs a highly visual show, I will meet your band’s exact needs at an affordable price. I always keep in mind that sound is the most important element and I write each drill to maximize the music while making sure that guard and percussion sections are always fully integrated. I use a very detailed approach so you will get exactly what you want with no surprises.

Need a complete visual design package?

Both services are fully integrated and carefully coordinated with drill. Prices start at $600 and will be Provided on DVD or Video File.

For small marching band show music, contact Luke McMillan for a music quote:
  • Luke McMillan Music Co.

Testimonials From Small Band Directors

“Our band has used RMS drill design for the past four years and are looking forward to many more. Robert is easy to work with and showcases the strengths of our small band. With his help, our band has earned back to back state grand champions in the small band division.”

Robert has written for our small competitive band for years and is very responsive to our needs. He pays great attention to show plans and “vision” and accommodates the details. He is very personable in communication and promptly responds to questions, comments or concerns. The drill is dynamic and current. Over the years we have asked for retro work as well as contemporary and, either way, the work is consistent and reliable.

I have been working with RMS Visual Designs since 2021 and have been very pleased with the results. Robert does a great job of showcasing our small band with straightforward, easy to teach drill that optimizes our sound and visual presence on the field. He is easy to communicate with and always accommodating when changes need to be made. Our recent marching seasons have run smoothly thanks to his designs and I look forward to future collaborations together.

I have worked with Mr. Strunks for almost 15 years and he has been a phenomenal drill writer for me and my bands. If you need a drill writer, Mr. Strunks is your guy. He is easy to communicate with and will work with you to be successful.

Working with RMS Visual Design was a great experience. They deliver a customized show to fit the skill level of our students and the size of our band perfectly. Thanks to their expertise, our band has seen great success at UIL Competitions. I would recommend to others.

“Pocatello HS Band did very well last season. We won 4 out of the 5 contests we entered, and we won outstanding music and percussion at every contest. You did a great job of staging the band for maximum musical effect. I have found working with you to be a very enjoyable experience. I hope that you will continue to write drill for us.”

Dave Beckstead Pocatello HS band, Pocatello Idaho (37 Marching)

“Robert Strunks has a good grasp of how to write for small bands and has provided shows for us that have been easy to learn and yet interesting in their design. He is a great guy to work with and will do all he can to write a show according to the director’s parameters and the cost is very reasonable.”

Max Cordell Trinity Christian Academy in Florida (36 marching)

“Robert has written our drill for the past 4 years, and it has been an excellent experience, as well as being a large factor in our competitive success in class 2A. He has created drill for my band that fits our needs, is visually exciting to our audience, and is challenging at just the right level. He has always met my deadlines. Our contest judges have consistently said, “love your drill”. Most importantly, our parents and football audiences have been impressed with the level of marching and showmanship that Robert’s writing has made possible.”Thank you, Robert!

“I had been writing my own drill for 7 years and no longer had the time due to family obligations. Robert was very easy to work with, and he is very thorough. It is obvious that he is an extremely skilled drill writer. Having been a former band director himself, he understands the needs of band programs, particularly smaller band programs. I have had nothing but compliments about the way he writes the drill. I have a smaller band program, but he charts in such a way that the band fills up the field. He is very open to whatever concepts I have for the design and layout of the show and has always been very accommodating of my requests.”

Our marching band experienced its first ever undefeated season this year. Over the course of three competition weekends in October, our 40 piece band (with 19 wind players) won against a total of 11 single A bands in addition to receiving recap scores higher than many AA, AAA, AAAA, and AAAAA groups (with over 100 winds and 200 performers). Much of this can be attributed to your well-written drill that was aesthetically pleasing while also being achievable for young students (we marched ten eighth graders- 10% of the band!). Thanks for your great work!

Small Marching Band Drill By Robert Strunks

When it comes to finding a drill writer for small marching band shows, RMS is the clear choice. I can provide you with a very effective and teachable drill for your small or young marching band. Contact me today for more information on the custom marching band drill I can provide for you. Ask about the optional services that can be included with your custom drill design package, including Horn Line Visuals and Guard Choreography. Fill out the online form today to receive a fast free quote for your marching band show.