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Small Band Drill Examples

Small Band Drill Examples

Scroll down to see drill examples from bands with 12-49 winds.These videos are based on YouTube and represent only a small sample of my work. For more examples, please email or call. If you are unable to view the videos below, contact me and I will make arrangements to provide you with examples in an alternative way. Note: The guard choreography and horn line visuals in the videos below are basic and limited by the pyware software I use to create them. They do not represent the quality of work you would receive with custom horn line visuals or guard choreography.

McClintock Opening 39 winds 11 guard

Hamony HS Opener 22 winds 8 guard

McClintock Pt. 2 / 39 winds 11 guard

Trinity Christian Academy Opener 22 winds 7 guard

Spotswood HS Opener 38 winds 9 guard


Grayson Co First Place Finish